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AB 710 & 315 are Defeated

AB 710 & 315 are defeated In a surprising development, two of the worst bills introduced in the California Legislature this year, AB 710 and AB 315, were defeated on…

Tilting the Scales

California has stacked the deck against lower-income pregnant women. There is far more public concern, funding, attention, and opportunity for a poor woman to get an abortion than to get prenatal care.…

Opposing Proposition 1

This November, the first ballot initiative to face California voters will be Proposition 1. This initiative will insert a vague, unbounded, explicit right to any abortion, including third-trimester abortions, into…

Mom Choosing Life

A short video showing the steps of the process of a new mom choosing life after being prompted by Planned Parenthood to have an abortion.

A Father Looks At Mother’s Day

Our director John Gerardi had an op-ed piece published at for Mother’s Day, highlighting the great work of Right to Life of Central California and Obria Medical Clinics of Central California.…

Texas Abortion Law

In our latest installment of the Right to Life Classroom, our executive director, attorney John Gerardi, explains Texas’ new abortion law, and why the Supreme Court kept it in place.