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Right to Life of Central California

This short video gives a quick overview of the outreach and educational programs Right to Life of Central California offers the Central Valley.

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Our Mission




Engage our community by presenting the pro-life position with clarity and compassion. Our outreach center is the center of our sidewalk advocacy ministries. Right to Life employees and volunteers come out to the sidewalk to speak with young women and couples entering and leaving Planned Parenthood to offer alternatives to abortion as well as information about critical local resources to help them in whatever situation they find themselves.

Equip advocates to defend the sanctity of all human life through effective tools and training. Our pro-life community, and our youth in particular, need to be educated on the truth of the pro-life position.  Right to Life is committed to providing free educational resources to as many churches, youth groups, schools, and organizations as possible. 

Embrace individuals facing an unplanned pregnancy and those hurt by abortion. Many people in our Valley are hurting and need our help, whether young women facing an unplanned pregnancy or post-abortive women seeking help and healing.  Right to Life is committed to reaching out to these individuals with compassion and love.

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Our Staff

John Profile

John Gerardi

Executive Director


Catherine Profile

Catherine Christensen

Administrative Assistant


Kristen Profile

Kristen Mowatt

Chief Financial Officer



Colton Metzler

System Administrator
Media Producer


Linda Teliha

Outreach Coordinator

RLCC Profile

Sarah Goering

Administrative Assistant


Sam Profile

Sam Shields

Marketing and Communications Coordinator

RLCC Profile

Molly Knuffke

Education Administrative Assistant

RLCC Profile

Monica King

Community Outreach Sidewalk Advocate

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Our Board

Monica Strambi

Right to Life Board Chair

School Psychologist and Educator

Kelly Haskell

Right to Life Board Vice-Chair

Ermelinda Sanchez

Retired Educator and School Principal, Fresno Unified School District

Susan Paul

Right to Life Board Secretary

Former Medical Scientist

Dr. Syl Bryan


Larry Holody

Retired Wealth Management Professional

Sissy Dalena Wood

Board Vice-President of Our Lady of Guadalupe Memorial of the Unborn in Bakersfield, CA

Board President at Obria of Central California