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Planned Parenthood Sells the Bodies of Aborted Children

As Planned Parenthood Mar Monte continues to operate in the San Joaquin Valley, we want to remind our supporters and the public of their involvement in the sales of the body parts of aborted children. Planned Parenthood Mar Monte is a regional affiliate of Planned Parenthood that operates clinics in northern and central California, as well as in the Reno area.

California and Federal law prohibit the sale of fetal tissue from aborted children for profit. Entities selling fetal tissue can receive payment to offset costs for storage, shipping, etc., but they cannot make money off the transaction.
It is a matter of undisputed public record that Planned Parenthood Mar Monte sold the body parts of aborted children (which they euphemistically termed “products of conception”) to companies that would, in turn, sell the tissue to research institutions. There are agreements and invoices between Planned Parenthood and a company called Stem Express for these transactions. The bodies of children aborted at the Planned Parenthood clinic on Fulton Street in Fresno were sold in these transactions between 2010-2015.
We have provided links to selections of the 2016 reports by the US House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Committee and the US Senate Judiciary Committee, who investigated these matters. These reports detail evidence that Planned Parenthood Mar Monte not only sold the body parts of aborted children, but did so for profit.

Invoices and agreements between PP Mar Monte and Stem Express​

Selections from 2016 House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Committee Investigative Panel Report

Selections from 2016 US Senate Judiciary Committee Report​

Criminal Referral Letter from then-Rep. Marsha Blackburn to the Department of Justice

Criminal Referral Letter from Senator Chuck Grassley to the FBI and Department of Justice