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Talking with Teens

Talking with Teens

When is the right time?

Having “the talk” with your children about sex, love and life is difficult and awkward, but something genuinely necessary. Kids need to learn their values regarding sex and love from the stability of the family, rather than from the slanted and narrow viewpoints of mass media or television.


How to start the conversation?

Make sure your children are comfortable around you. Let them know that you can talk about anything together. Establish a relationship with them when they are young so they can always be open with you as they get older.


What is the safest sex?

There really isn’t a foolproof “safest sex” option other than practicing abstinence. Sexual relationships during the teen years can have severe consequences that radically alter a child’s plans for his or future future, like crisis pregnancies, abortion, or lifelong STD infections.


What to do if they are sexually active?

It is possible for any teen to be involved in a sexual relationship. If you learn that your teen is sexually active, do not begin a conversation with condemnation. Talk to them, and let them know you love them. Explain to them the importance of waiting for marriage, and sincerely explain some of the consequences of sexual activity: STD’s, unplanned pregnancy, etc.


How can I help with peer pressure?  

A study conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that ⅓ of teenage males feel pressure from their friends to have sex, while 23% of females feel pressure from their friends to have sex. 46% of parents have not discussed with their teens how to handle pressures to have sex.

One of the best ways to help teens deal with this kind of peer pressure is by helping them realize their worth. Foster in your teens an for appreciation marriage, and how important it is having a stable, healthy sex life rooted in love and openness to life and family.


What if my daughter is pregnant?

Accept and love her regardless of the circumstances she might find herself in. Tell her that she is beautiful and loved, and so is her baby. Talk about what she wants to do, and all the options available to her. You can also get in touch with Right to Life, and one of our education and outreach staff can help you get connected with solid local resources.