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Stories from the Sidewalk | Supporting All Life

As we got to the end of 40 Days for Life in an uncertain environment for pro-lifers, my coworker and I lost a little steam. When this happened, we put our heads together to figure out how to get our spirit back. Satan loves the playground of discouragement, so we try to be aware of where we are emotionally on the sidewalk at all times. 

We decided to turn our focus to others who are suffering, because ALL life matters. We got to work writing Easter cards of encouragement for those who are sheltering in place at elder-care facilities. We wrote what we would have liked to have heard if our places were reversed. 

It is such a shame that we often forget the ones who speak the softest, or those who have no voice at all. Without our elderly we would not exist. We would not be grandparents, godparents, parents or children. We would have no opportunity to use our gifts or talents had they not been taught to us or passed down.

We wanted to show another important part of God’s family that they matter. This gave us a lift, and a chance to demonstrate gratefulness and acknowledgement.. 

We obviously did not get to see any of the recipients but we got to hope and imagine that we brought joy and affirmation. Today we are recharged, restored and ready to do battle on the front line again. Please join us in prayer now, and in person later.