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Stop SB 320: No Abortion Clinics on College Campuses!

Every year, the ultra pro-choice California Legislature passes some crazy bill to expand funding of abortion, access to abortion, etc.  SB 320 is particularly loathsome because of how it directly targets young, vulnerable women on college campuses.

SB 320 will require every CSU and UC campus to provide chemical abortions at their student health centers.

A chemical abortion is a first-trimester abortion performed in the first 10 weeks of pregnancy.  It is not performed surgically, but through medication a woman ingests in a clinical setting that induces a miscarriage after several days.

This proposed law is deeply flawed.  It will cost the state money, as it will immediately face serious legal challenges and result in increased medical liability for participating universities.  It will be a boondoggle for Planned Parenthood, who will come in as a third-party vendor to perform abortions paid by Medi-Cal.  It will directly involve state employees in performing abortions.

It is also a betrayal of authentic feminism.  It treats motherhood not as a beautiful and natural part of a woman’s life, but as an inconvenience to be done away with, something incompatible with completing one’s education or advancing in a career.  Our state would be much better off trying to provide resources to help women continue their education without dropping out of school.

We need YOU to contact your state legislators to urge them to vote NO on SB 320, for all the reasons listed above.  This bill will receive a vote in the California State Senate by the end of January, with a vote to follow in the California State Assembly.  If it passes both houses, it will go to Governor Brown’s desk for signature or (hopefully) a veto.

To find out who your representative is, go to  By entering your address, you can learn who your State Senator and State Assemblymen are, and you can click the link to their official website.  Simply call their SACRAMENTO OFFICE, and tell them that you oppose SB 320.  It takes five minutes, and it makes a real, tangible difference!

To learn more about this law and other bad, anti-life legislation, I’d encourage you to check out, the website of California Family Council, and, the website of Right to Life of Central California.  Together we can stop this law, and keep our college campuses from becoming abortion facilities.