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Sidewalk Counseling: Do’s & Don’ts

Sidewalk Counseling consists of two or more counselors that stand on the sidewalks outside the clinics and handout literature to those considering abortion. We attempt to discuss abortion alternatives and give them Christian advice. It is a ministry for anyone with a heart for the unborn.   

What to keep in mind while Sidewalk Counseling?


  • Approach people with compassion
  • Reach out and respond in a loving matter, whether they choose life or not
  • Do make a good, peaceful and prayerful impression
  • Do dress appropriately
  • Do approach with a good attitude and body language      


  • Do not go out to the sidewalk alone
  • Do not approach with anger or judgement  
  • Do not scream, harass, or intimidate anyone entering or leaving the clinic
  • Do not use graphic signs
  • Do not use literature that has not been approved by Right to Life of Central CA
  • Do not trespass or step foot on abortion clinic properties