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Every week, Right to Life director John Gerardi hosts Right to Life Radio, an hour-long radio show and podcast. Along with California Family Council CEO Jonathan Keller, John digs into the week’s leading pro-life news stories, offering you insight and opinion you’re not going to hear anywhere else on abortion developments in Washington, Sacramento, and throughout the San Joaquin Valley.

The show airs from 9-10AM locally in Fresno and Clovis on Powertalk 96.7 FM, and on AM 1400 in Tulare-Visalia-Hanford. You can listen to shows live online here, and after the fact here. You can also subscribe to the podcast via Apple Podcasts here.


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  • #354 Abortion Law Fundamentals December 5, 2019
    On today’s show, John gives a basic explanation of how abortion came to be legal in the US, going back through its history, and explaining Roe v. Wade in detail. Tune in!
  • #353 Supreme Court Drama November 28, 2019
    On today’s show, John and Jonathan talk about how the Supreme Court is still the most critical issue facing the country today. Tune in!
  • #352 Libertarians vs. Conservatives November 25, 2019
    On today’s show, John and Jonathan talk about the philosophical differences between libertarians and more traditional conservatives, and what it means for pro-life public policy arguments.
  • #351 Planned Parenthood and Courts November 18, 2019
    On today’s show, we’re discussing how Planned Parenthood in Fresno doesn’t provide prenatal care, and how the federal courts are being refashioned with conservative judges. Tune 
  • #350 Abortion and Rape November 8, 2019
    On today’s show, John discusses abortion in the context of rape, reacting to a story from Florida about a girl whose sex trafficking was not reported by Planned Parenthood officials. He also keeps talking about the 9th Circuit and media bias. Tune in!