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Oppose “Medication” Abortion on CSU and UC Campuses!

We’re working with pro-lifers throughout the San Joaquin Valley and the state to get signatures to encourage the governor to veto the legislation. With thousands of opposition signatures, we hope to convince the governor to veto the legislation, or prevent its passage through the Legislature.

Right to Life is working actively to oppose SB 24, the bill before the California Legislature that requires medication abortion to be made available at the student health centers of every CSU and UC.

This is not a vain gesture. This legislation is at its weakest point, with the California Department of Finance last week issuing a report opposing the legislation for its fiscal irresponsibility. There is a significant chance that this legislation can be stopped, and we need to let the Governor and Legislature know that we oppose it.

You can download the petition in English here and Spanish here. There are a number of participating local Catholic churches that are serving as drop-off points for the petitions, and all petitions can be dropped off at Right to Life of Central California’s office: 1742 E Griffith Way, Fresno, CA 93726.