Current Legislation

OPPOSE: SB 24: This bill is a retread of last year’s SB 320. It will require that the student health centers at every CSU and UC offer medication abortion to their students. Medication abortion is not “the morning after pill”; it is a series of medications that artificially induces a miscarriage between 8 and 10 weeks of pregnancy. At that point, the fetus has arms, legs, fingers, toes, a heartbeat, and brain activity. According to the FDA, over 20 women have died from medication abortion, with thousands requiring hospitalization and suffering hemorrhages.

OPPOSE: AB 624: This bill requires every student in California that a local “sexual or reproductive health hotline” be placed on the back of student IDs which must be provided to every student in California in public, charter, and nonsectarian private schools, from 7th-12th grade. We strongly fear that abortion providers such as Planned Parenthood will be the hotlines provided, and that this legislation will essentially give abortion providers free ad space in every student’s pocket.

SUPPORT: AB 809: This bill requires pregnant and parenting students to receive notification of their Title IX rights as it pertains to pregnancy and child-rearing. Colleges are not allowed to engage in various forms of discrimination against students in these situations. It is important for the UC’s and CSU’s to foster an environment where pregnancy is not viewed as a “problem” that renders the goal of college graduation impossible.

We encourage you to contact your state Senators and Assembly members to urge them to vote correctly on these bills. You can learn who your legislators are and receive their contact information by clicking here and entering your home address