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Insane Pro-Choice Bills

The California state legislature took some time off in response to COVID-19, but they are back with a vengeance introducing radical pro-legal-abortion legislation. As part of our work in informing our supporters about state legislative activity, we present here the most egregious and dangerous pieces of abortion legislation.

SB 1004 – In California, minors are able to get an abortion without parental consent or notification, and are able to require healthcare providers to keep information about such procedures confidential from their parents. SB 1004 takes this principle further by preventing insurance companies from providing a health insurance policyholder from receiving information regarding a co-beneficiary’s use of “sensitive” services. For example, a father of a family who earns health insurance coverage as compensation through his job will presumptively not receive identifying information from the insurance company if his daughter obtained an abortion through his insurance plan. This would apply to a minor daughter as well as to an adult daughter or a spouse.

AB 2035 – California’s legislature never passes up an opportunity to impose its extremist views on abortion onto children within the state’s influence, particularly in public schools. Foster children are no exception. AB 2035 will mandate that social workers inform foster children aged 10 and up of their rights to obtain an abortion.

AB 3140 – Abortion advocates have long opposed the work of pro-life advocates outside of abortion clinics, and the Supreme Court has beaten back their attempts to restrict our First Amendment free speech rights. California is looking to get around these decisions with new ways to restrict the ability of pro-lifers to engage in sidewalk advocacy. While we have no opposition to portions of this bill that increase penalties for harassing, intimidating, or threatening employees of abortion clinics, we nevertheless oppose any portions of this bill that limit the First Amendment rights of pro-lifers in the name of “security.”

We encourage our supporters to oppose these egregious bills. To find out who your state Assembly Member and State Senator is, click here.