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Prop 71 dumped billions into useless research. Californians should not re-up this November.

Currently in the petition-gathering stage, the California Stem Cell Research Institute Bond Initiative is a $5.5 billion bond measure that will likely appear before California voters in November. Its goal is to fund the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM), which was created by 2004’s Proposition 71. It deserves vehement opposition from anyone who cares about research ethics and responsible public spending. In the early 2000’s, embryonic stem cell research was viewed as an untapped treasure trove for medical research. Because the first cells of the human organism’s development—stem cells—will duplicate into every part of the human anatomy, researchers have

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May 18, 2019 Right to Life Radio

On this week’s episode, John Gerardi and Jonathan Keller zig while others zag by talking about last week’s hot topic: Pennsylvania state representative Brian Sims’

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Fresno Fair Recap

As we do every year, Right to Life hosted its booth at the Big Fresno Fair, reaching hundreds of thousands with the pro-life message! This

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