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Insane Pro-Choice Bills

The California state legislature took some time off in response to COVID-19, but they are back with a vengeance introducing radical pro-legal-abortion legislation. As part of our work in informing our supporters about state legislative activity, we present here the most egregious and dangerous pieces of abortion legislation. SB 1004 – In California, minors are able to get an abortion without parental consent or notification, and are able to require healthcare providers to keep information about such procedures confidential from their parents. SB 1004 takes this principle further by preventing insurance companies from providing a health insurance policyholder from receiving

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Going to the Capitol

Last Tuesday, we at Right to Life took the three hour drive up to Sacramento to lobby against Senate Bill 320, a proposed law that

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Directors Note

Last week, the Fresno Bee ran an op-ed I wrote in opposition to proposals to expand physician-assisted suicide in California, proposals advocated by the Los Angeles

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Talking with Teens

Talking with Teens When is the right time? Having “the talk” with your children about sex, love and life is difficult and awkward, but something

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