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7 Things You Can Do About The #PPSellsBabyParts Video

(This post was originally published on July 23, 2015. Since that time, 8 other videos have been released, to watch all the videos please CLICK HERE). 

Most Americans have by now seen at least one of the two undercover videos produced by the “Center for Medical Progress”. The footage shows Planned Parenthood Senior staff members explaining and negotiating the sale of aborted baby body parts to individuals posing as purchasers from Stem Express. The response to these videos has been shock and horror. It can feel very overwhelming.

How can a pro-life advocate take a stand for life in the midst of such gruesome disregard for the dignity of human life?

Here is a brief summary of what Planned Parenthood is facing and 7 things you can do right here in Central California.

 (If you haven’t watched them yet, I encourage you to click on the videos embedded below, be warned the footage is disturbing and the conversations are graphic.)  


What you need to know

Planned Parenthood profits from the “Donation” of tissues and organs.

By their own admission, We know that Planned Parenthood collects tissue and organs from abortion procedures with a signed consent form from the mother and “donates” it to organizations like Stem Express for compensation. It is illegal to sell human tissue or organs for profit and the videos make a case for Planned Parenthood doing just that, negotiating prices for the sale of individual livers, hearts and lungs. Even if, after investigation, it appears they are not acting illegally, former Planned Parenthood director Abby Johnson explains to the Washington Times in THIS Article there is a legal loophole that allows Planned Parenthood to “Legally” profit from tissue “donations”.

While Planned Parenthood argues that prices discussed in the videos are merely fees to cover overhead of tissue donations, the organization has a history of lying to women about the abortion procedure and committing illegal activity, such as not reporting sexual abuse against minors.  The real question we need to be asking is “Does it matter whether the compensation received by Planned Parenthood is profit from a sale or profit from a donation?” Is it not still upsetting that the body parts of innocent children are harvested and used for research?

Planned Parenthood Alters the Abortion procedure to ensure they obtain intact “Specimens”

In both videos there is an admission that Planned Parenthood has, or is willing to, alter the abortion procedure in order to obtain desired “specimens”.  Federal regulations require that “no alteration of the timing, method, or procedures used to terminate the pregnancy was made solely for the purpose of obtaining the tissue.” Planned Parenthood’s own consent forms for the Doctor and Patient indicate the same. You can see the actual form used at Fresno’s Planned Parenthood (part of the Mar Monte Group) and read an excellent summary in THIS article from If Planned Parenthood does not “profit” from “selling” body parts, why are they willing to alter their abortion procedures to obtain specimens? If your purpose is to help women (not profit from abortions/tissue harvesting) why would you alter medical procedures? Planned Parenthood has yet to respond to these allegations.

What can I do here in Central California?

1. Create Common Ground by Asking Good Questions: 

Use questions in your conversations with friends and family. Why does the Planned Parenthood scandal bother you? Why do we have laws preventing profit from sale of human remains? Do you think abortions should be legal when the unborn can feel pain? When does a human being become valuable and worth protecting? These types of questions can help your conversation focus on the Main point.

It is undisputed that Planned Parenthood kills and dismembers babies in their mother’s womb.

The horrible death of those children should bother people more than what happens to their bodies afterwards.

2. Attend a Justice for All Training Seminar: 

Turn a debate about abortion into a dialogue by attending one of Right to Life’s training seminars. You will learn effective conversational and intellectual tools to engage pro-choice ideas while presenting the pro-life message with compassion and conviction. Our next FREE seminars are scheduled for Thursday, August 27th and Saturday, August 29th.

3. Stand on the Front Lines in Prayer:

Right to Life’s 40 Days for Life campaign begins on September 23rd. But you can begin now! We currently have prayer warriors and Sidewalk Counselors in front of Fresno’s Planned Parenthood from 8am-5pm on Wednesdays and the 1st tuesday of every month from 8-12pm. And we are looking to expand! Contact for more information or when we need the most volunteers.

4. Become a Sidewalk Counselor 

Right to Life offers a Sidewalk Counselor training program throughout the year, whenever anyone is interested in attending. Contact to learn to save lives by offering life-affirming options with compassion to women facing unplanned pregnancies.

5. Call Your Representatives:

Planned Parenthood receives over 500 MILLION of YOUR tax dollars. Now is the time to let Washington know an organization that kills babies, lies to women, and is currently under investigation for breaking federal laws does not deserve our tax dollars. Demand that they raise their own funds on an equal playing field with pro-life organizations and pregnancy centers. Don’t know your representatives? CLICK HERE to find them.

6. Vote Pro-Life:supreme3

Stand in your convictions and take them to the polls! We are entering an election cycle that has the potential to create a culture of life or a culture of death. Demand that the weakest among us are recognized as valuable and protected human beings and end our government’s endorsement of abortion through Planned Parenthood.

7. Sign the Petition.

The easiest 1 minute of your day! Join with over 100,000 Americans who have signed the petition to Defund Planned Parenthood at You have no excuse not to. It’s that easy.