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Free Student Transportation To Clinics Without Parental Consent

On August 27, the Bee ran an article about FUSD trustee Terry Slatic’s questioning of a program for driving students off campus to receive reproductive health. Parents may be aware that reproductive health services are available to students–but they may not know that those services include abortion, and that the school can lie to keep parents from knowing about their daughter’s surgical procedure. The program of transporting students off campus is run by the Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission, taking students to the FEOC’s Health Center. According to the FEOC Health Center’s website, the program seeks to facilitate access to reproductive

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Community Forum | On New Pro-Life Laws

On Thursday, June 20th, Right to Life of Central California hosted their second community forum. The forum focused on the new pro-life laws that have been passed by states around the country.

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Election Results

After the incredibly surprising results of 2016, 2018 followed the script laid out by pollsters and prognosticators: Democrats narrowly retook the House of Representatives, the

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