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California Court of Appeals Rejects Lawsuit by the Missionary Guadalupanas of the Holy Spirit

In its determination to make elective abortions a non-negotiable component of insurance coverage, the California Court of Appeals has recently rejected a lawsuit by the Missionary Guadalupanas of the Holy Spirit, a Catholic convent in the L.A area, in which the sisters challenged a mandate forcing insurance companies to deny special coverage plans that exclude abortion to religious institutions.  Prior to the 2014 mandate originating from a letter sent by California’s Department of Managed Health Care, insurance providers such as Kaiser Permanente and Anthem Blue Cross had been tailoring their insurance plans to certains requests from religious institutions, such as

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Community Forum | On New Pro-Life Laws

On Thursday, June 20th, Right to Life of Central California hosted their second community forum. The forum focused on the new pro-life laws that have been passed by states around the country.

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Election Results

After the incredibly surprising results of 2016, 2018 followed the script laid out by pollsters and prognosticators: Democrats narrowly retook the House of Representatives, the

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