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by: Abby Johnson

Abby reveals her full story in Unplanned: a heart-stopping personal drama of life-and-death encounters, a courtroom battle, and spiritual transformation. Now in an updated edition, Abby’s unique vantage point from both sides of the abortion clinic property line shines light and compassion into the personal and political controversy that surrounds this issue. For anyone who cares about the life-versus-rights debate and helping women who face crisis pregnancies, Unplanned is a must-read.


Why Pro-Life?

by: Randy Alcorn

This completely revised and updated edition of “Why Pro-Life?” offers factual answers to the central issues of the abortion debate in a concise, non-abrasive way. Infused with grace and compassion, and grounded in medical science and psychological studies, Randy Alcorn presents a solid case for defending both unborn children and their mothers.


Persuasive Pro-Life

by: Trent Horn

Are you scared to talk about abortion? Don’t worry almost everyone is. Either we think the subject is too impolite, or we don t want to be branded an intolerant fanatic, or we’re afraid we won t represent the pro-life side well enough. Whatever the reason for this fear, it causes many of us to pass up opportunities to speak out on behalf of the unborn. You can overcome this fear, says Trent Horn in his new book Persuasive Pro-Life. 


Three Approaches to Abortion

by: Peter Kreeft

Three Approaches to Abortion will help you persuade others—including “pro-choice Catholics” that abortion is an evil society we cannot permit or tolerate.

Abortion has been and remains a crucial issue in American politics. Unfortunately, many Americans don’t see abortion for the evil it is—the unjust killing of millions of human beings each year. Even many Catholics have been confused by the “pro-choice” (read: pro-abortion) rhetoric of those who say that they personally accept Catholic teaching about abortion, but they can’t impose it on others.


Pro-life Answers to ProChoice Arguments

by: Randy Alcorn

This revised and updated guide offers timely information and inspiration from a “sanctity of life” perspective. Real answers to real questions about abortion appear in a logical and concise form. The final chapter — “Fifty Ways to Help Unborn Babies and Their Mothers”— is worth the price of this book alone!


You Carried Me

by: Melissa Ohden

Winner: Christianity Today 2018 Book Award

What happens when an abortion survivor finds her birth mother, who never knew her daughter was alive? This intensely personal story of love and redemption illumines the powerful bond between mother and child that can overcome all odds.


Recall Abortion

by: Janet Morana

Abortion harms women. Bad products are recalled every day: the Ford Pinto, faulty tires, dangerous prescription pills, and contaminated lettuce. If a product is found to pose even a modest risk to those who use it, you can bet it will soon be pulled from the market. Isn’t it time we Recall Abortion?


Planned Bullyhood

by: Karen Handel

In 2011, Susan G. Komen for the Cure was growing weary of the “pink” being tarnished by its health grants to Planned Parenthood (PPH), whose many controversies were fueling a backlash against Komen. They wanted to remove themselves from the pro-life/abortion debate and made what they thought was a rational, reasonable decision: seek neutral ground in the culture war by severing ties with Planned Parenthood—and in turn, eliminate a major headache while opening a new, robust fund-raising channel. Why did Planned Parenthood attack? Was Komen simply a pawn in something bigger? In this book, Karen Handel finally speaks. 


Margaret Sanger's Eugenic Legacy

by: Angela Franks

Margaret Sanger, the American birth-control and population-control advocate who founded Planned Parenthood, stands like a giant among her contemporaries. With her dominating yet winning personality, she helped generate shifts of opinion on issues that were not even publicly discussed prior to her activism, while her leadership was arguably the single most important factor in achieving social and legislative victories that set the parameters for today’s political discussion of family-planning funding, population-control aid, and even sex education.


Redeemed: My Journey after Abortion

by: Toni McFadden

One cold, dreary day in mid-January changed everything for Toni. Redeemed takes you on a journey into the life of a scared teenage girl that faces an unplanned pregnancy. She thought the only way out of her darkness was through the doors of an abortion facility. This authentic and courageous story brings light to the darkness, hope to the hopeless, and forgiveness to the guilt of past mistakes. It dives into some of life’s greatest questions, and reveals how one girl faces the aftermath of her abortion… and finds redemption.

Children's Books


A Gift to Little Tree

by: Colleen D.C. Marquez

Before You Were Born

by: Jennifer Davis


Where do Babies Come From

by: Katie Daynes

I Loved You Before You Were Born

by: Anne Bowen


Horton Hears a Who

by: Dr. Suess

What's Inside Your Tummy, Mommy?

by: Abby Cocovini

Pro-Life Kids

by: Bethany Bomberger