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Fresno Planned Parenthood Sold Babies’ Bodies

The Daily Caller has the details about today’s breaking news story: newly unsealed discovery documents show how California Planned Parenthood clinics sold the body parts of unborn children to Stem Express, a middle-man company that would sell fetal tissue procured from abortion clinics to researchers. Planned Parenthood’s Fresno clinic was actively involved in this scheme.

The records give a clinic-by-clinic breakdown of fetal tissue sales from clinics within Planned Parenthood Mar Monte, Planned Parenthood’s regional affiliate for Northern California, Central California, and Nevada, from August to September of 2012. In that quarter, Stem-Express gave Planned Parenthood almost $25,000 for organs from aborted children (“Products of Conception” or “POC”) and maternal blood samples.

California and federal law ban the sale of aborted children’s bodies for profit. Such transactions are only legal if the money simply offsets the costs of procurement, shipping, storage and other associated expenses.

Noteworthy for our supporters is what the documents tell us about the Planned Parenthood clinic in Fresno. From July to September 2012, Planned Parenthood’s Fresno clinic sold 92 “POC” samples for $4420. They also sold 114 maternal blood samples for $1140. The three invoices can be seen below, with the charges for the Fresno clinic listed first, at the top left of each invoice:

The contractual agreement between Planned Parenthood and Stem-Express set the price point for fetal tissue at $55 per POC, but only for those “determined in the clinic to be usable,” according to paragraph 5 of the contract. Thus, the charges did not seem to relate purely to procurement costs, but to the usefulness of the samples. If the charges are not related strictly to costs incurred, but to the value of the specimen, then this is evidence that the exchange was for profit, and therefore illegal. Planned Parenthood also received different amounts for different “products of conception”: some were $55 and some were $35. Here is the first page of the contract:

We believe this new evidence merits renewed scrutiny of the legality of Planned Parenthood Mar Monte’s actions, at the federal, state, and county levels. We are grateful that this evidence has come forward, showing the grave immorality, and possible illegality, of Planned Parenthood’s conduct. This evil was happening in our own backyard, and it must come to an end.

Baby Shower

Online Baby Shower for New Moms!

We have exciting news from our Outreach Center next to Planned Parenthood! RLCC employees talk with women and couples going in and out of Planned Parenthood to encourage them to choose life. Several of these young women changed their minds about abortion, and decided to keep their precious babies!

Our organization is especially moved when we remain in contact with these precious mothers as they let us know about their pregnancies. To help us celebrate these incredible young women, and to ease economic worries caused by the Coronavirus shutdown, we are hosting digital baby showers, to help support them as they take on their new pregnancy!

We are sharing their stories and Amazon registries with our supporters, to encourage you to help these mamas experience the love and support of our organization for themselves and their babies! Here are the stories of these smart, brave, loving young women:

Tonya: Tonya is an 18-year-old young woman who met Right to Life staff outside of Planned Parenthood, where she was considering having an abortion. She didn’t want to have an abortion, and only came to Planned Parenthood because she thought she was too young, and she needed answers and options. After speaking with our staff and receiving encouragement, she decided to keep her baby! She is a lovely and bright young woman, and she is in love with her baby, due in September. You can access her registry here.

Chase: Chase is a young woman who had one child, but who came to Planned Parenthood during her second trimester for an abortion of a child she had not planned. In fact, when our employees talked to her, Chase had already been dilated the day before, as preparation for a surgical abortion. Her mind changed when she encountered our employees, Linda and Monica, who let her know that she wasn’t alone, and that life after an unplanned pregnancy was both possible and incredibly joyful. She went in to Planned Parenthood, and told them she was not going through with the abortion. She openly shared her story with us in hopes of offering support to other women facing the same fears. She is expecting a son, whom she has named Elias Jay. You can access her registry here.

Leyla: Leyla is married, a young mother with two young children under the age of 2. Her husband works in San Francisco while she lives in Fresno. She entered Planned Parenthood stressed, isolated, and facing financial hardship. She didn’t want an abortion, but she felt she did not have an adequate support system to help her with another baby. After speaking with our staff, she came to realize how she genuinely wanted to keep her baby, but was mostly just in need of support and friendship. She returned to introduce our staff to her two children, and has expressed her deep and sincere joy and gratitude for our staff’s role in helping her choose life for her baby. You can access her registry here.

Thank you so much for supporting these brave young women! And thank you to our RLCC donors who support the essential work of our organization. Your support saves lives, and we thank you for the honor of serving our community in this fashion!


Stories from the Sidewalk | 02

In my work as a sidewalk advocate, I made a decision to be more assertive with my questions with the people we were interacting with on the sidewalk. I said I was going to start asking straight out if they were considering abortion. We interact with lots and lots of people going in and out of Planned Parenthood. Most times we don’t ask that specific question and patrons will tell us they are “just there for birth control or “testing.”

Right away we met Tonya and Fabian outside Planned Parenthood in the parking lot. They were driving out of the parking lot wanting to forget about the baby they just found out they were expecting.  Neither felt ready. Fabian is going to school planning to be a physical therapist. Tonya is working and going to school. They are young. They`ve been together for several years and they have big plans. Tonya was more open to a baby than Fabian. Fabian didn’t want to face the families and he wants to appear as if he is a good man. However he wanted to support Tonya with whatever decision she wanted to make. He made that clear.

We asked if they’d be willing to come talk to us in our building next to Planned Parenthood. They hesitantly agreed. Tonya left Fabian in the car. She felt he really didn’t want the baby. We talked to her separately for a while and supported her. The main thing we made sure was that she felt loved, unjudged and that she knew there were resources to help her through this. We told her our personal stories.  

Eventually we asked if we could also talk to Fabian. She agreed and we asked Fabian to come in to talk. We talked with them together and Fabian was worried we had an agenda. We explained that we were not there to make their decision and that we just wanted to provide them both with information that was both scientific and born from the wisdom of our experiences and age. We showed them the models of the baby that were the size and shape of their baby. We talked about potential regret and all of the side effects possible from abortion for both men and women. 

The conversation was not going well with Fabian so we called our friend, a Right to Life volunteer named Joe, to pray and support us. He didn’t answer the phone, but he just happened to walk in right at the moment we needed him! He went in with Fabian and we went out with Tonya. 

Later, Joe told us that Fabian began to sob and talk about his fear of what her family would say and do. He wanted to be a good father, but felt scared and unprepared. Joe talked to Fabian about the regrets he would have as a man if they chose abortion. He talked to him about this being an opportunity to be a good man.

Meanwhile, we continued to talk with Tonya and she became more and more certain she wanted to keep the baby regardless of the conversation in the other room. She actually started to get excited about the new life inside her. 

Fabian and Joe came out of the room and Fabian said that all along he only wanted to support what Tonja wanted and that he just didn’t want us to change her mind for her. As much as we didn’t want to make their decisions, we were happy to be a part of providing them with tools to help them make up their minds.

Below is a statement from Tonya

“I was really scared to tell anyone about it. I knew deep down that I couldn’t get an abortion and that I didn’t have any other option but to step up to what I did. When you guys called me over to talk to you and sat me down in the room I felt so much pressure and stress leave me. Your words were very helpful and kind. I also like the fact that it wasn’t just about me. You included fabian and showed him that there were options and that he didn’t need to be so close minded.”