Scientists Report First Successful Human Cloning Attempt

  by Josh Brahm It was four years ago that while presenting a talk called “Human Cloning: Truth vs. Science Fiction,” I predicted that scientists would successfully clone human beings within ten years. It appears that I was correct. NPR is reporting that a team of scientists at the Oregon Health & Science University have worked out the necessary […]


Responding to Criticism Over Pro-Life Concerns on American Cancer Society

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Don’t Support American Cancer Society Relay for Life

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9 Things the Media Messed Up About the Obama Stem Cell Story

The longer I live the less I’m surprised by poor journalism in major media outlets. However, I think the reports about President Obama’s recent decision (3/9/09) to force taxpayers to pay for Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research (HESCR) takes the cake. After reviewing the articles and videos by major media sources, as well as the […]

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8 Bad Arguments for Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Several years ago I had the opportunity to attend a lecture (7/17/06) by Dr. George Daley, a Harvard researcher who has researched embryonic stem cells in mice for the past ten years. As part of his lecture, he spent 15 minutes talking about the morality of Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research. (HESCR) I commend him for […]


Stem Cell Research – What You Need to Know

It’s being discussed in court rooms, board rooms, the halls of Congress and the classroom. You’ve probably even heard it discussed in the break room at work. It has played a part in recent Presidential debates. Christopher Reeve’s death brought it back in the news. Nancy Reagan continues to fight for it, misusing her pro-life husband’s death […]