Conversations at the Justice for All Outreach

Ask Good Questions, Listen to Understand, Find Common Ground. We believe these Three Essential Skills are the groundwork for an ambassador to have a productive conversation on the topic of abortion. Armed with these skills, a humble spirit and the support of our Mentors, our volunteers arrived at Fresno City and Fresno State prepared to have […]

7 Things You Can Do About The #PPSellsBabyParts Video

(This post was originally published on July 23, 2015. Since that time, 8 other videos have been released, to watch all the videos please CLICK HERE).  Most Americans have by now seen at least one of the two undercover videos produced by the “Center for Medical Progress”. The footage shows Planned Parenthood Senior staff members […]

Pro-Life Dialogue with a Fresno City College Biology Professor

The highlights from my debate with a college professor who thought we were a bunch of religious extremists with a deceptive fetal development display. This last weekend I led a Right to Life of Central CA sponsored Justice For All seminar and outreach at Fresno City College. We had a great turnout at the outreach […]