Q: How can I book a presentation at my church?
A: Tell your youth pastor to contact RLCC, and we’ll take it from there! We can show the entire presentation to your youth pastor and/or pastor, elders, parents, and get your church on the calendar.

Q: How long are the presentations?
A: As long as you need them to be. We can fit everything in a 30-minute window, or take up to 90-minutes if the opportunity allows! Each presentation has several versions with different lengths.

Q: Can you do a series of presentations?
A: Absolutely. We can either do a series of presentations, or one full day event for your youth.

Q: How much will it cost to book you?
A: We’re free! Naturally we accept donations to RLCC, but we’ve made a commitment to be available to give high-quality presentations for free around Central California.