Booking a Presentation


To book a presentation, contact the Right to Life office at 559-229-BABY (2229). We will get your church on the calendar and help you pick a presentation, if you haven’t already. We also need answers to the following questions. If these questions weren’t discussed on the phone, please copy the following questions onto an email with answers, and email to

  • How much time will the speaker have?
  • What time can they get there to set up? (Preferably 45-60 minutes before the event starts)
  • Church address and/or directions.


For an Abortion-Related Presentation:

What has your youth group/class already been taught about abortion? Has this subject been brought up before? How often?

Has your youth group/class ever seen graphic abortion pictures?

Your Right to Life Speaker may want to use a brief video that graphically shows the reality of abortion. You can preview that video at the following link:


Want a Preview?

Want to listen to a past presentation? We’ve recorded several of them. Click here to listen for free.