Youth and Adult Pro-Life Training and Education

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Right to Life offers presentations for kids, teens, young adults and adults.  Our training and education includes various topics such as “How to become a confident and compassionate Sidewalk Counselor”, “Defending the Pro-Life Position”, “History of Abortion and why it is Wrong”, “Appreciating and Respecting Life”, and “Pro-Life Involvement in the Central Valley.”

Right to Life also offers a training seminar periodically through Justice For All which brings adults and students alike into a one-day real-world training environment. During the interactive seminar, participants learn conversational and intellectual tools to engage pro-choice ideas while being effective ambassadors for Christ. In the days following the conference, participants may join their team mentors at Fresno State University and Fresno City College to observe them in real-time as they embrace those hungry for the truth with boldness, compassion and love.

Click here to read stories from our 2015 outreach at Fresno City and Fresno State

Our campus outreach is highly effective and life-changing for our volunteers,  mentors and for the students we talk to.

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