Practical Tips for Raising Pledges


Thanks for registering for our “That They May Live” 5k and 2-mile Fun Walk! We congratulate you on taking this challenge!

Now it’s time to raise pledges to support Right to Life of Central CA! You could win the top prize: A iPad Mini 3, or one of our other fantastic prizes!

Practical Tips for Raising Pledges

1. Start with the people you know! Do you have friends who are pro-life? What about family members? Make them your first calls and gain some momentum.

2. ALWAYS ASK. The worst a person can say is “no.” The #1 reason people don’t give is because they are not asked.

3. How to start the conversation: “Hey! I’m running/walking in a 5k/2 miles and need sponsors. Can you help me reach my goal of $____?

4. Use These Nine quick steps to reach your personal goal:

  1. Set a goal. (We’ll use $1,000 for this example, but you could easily adjust this based on your own goal.)
  2. Start by supporting yourself = $50
  3. Ask four family members to contribute $50 each = $200
  4. Ask two additional family members $25 each = $50
  5. Ask ten friends to support you $25 each = $250
  6. Ask five co-workers to donate $20 each = $100
  7. Ask four neighbors to donate $20 each = $80
  8. Ask your boss for a company contribution = $50
  9. Send an email to everyone in your address book = $220

Total = $1,000


5. Use the Internet. Facebook and emails are a great way to raise awareness and pledges for RLCC. Try sending personal messages to individuals (not group messages) on Facebook. You could also send a text!

What if you’re asked, “Why are you pro-life?”

Read our article on how to explain your pro-life position in a 30-second sound bite!

What to say if you’re asked, “What does RLCC do?”

“RLCC is a non-profit that promotes the dignity of all human life. Check out for more information on their projects and outreaches.”

Here are a few aspects of RLCC’s ministry if you want to go into more detail:

Print an RLCC cheat sheet to carry with your pledge form!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call our office at 559-229-BABY.

Good luck, and thanks so much for supporting our ministry to Engage, Equip and Embrace. We couldn’t do it without you!