Radio Interviews

Radio Interviews:

  • Click here to listen to Josh Brahm interviewed by Immaculate Heart Radio’s “Gift of Life” program. The show has an estimated audience of one million listeners, and the topics included, “why did you start a podcast in the first place;” “what topics do you often speak on;” “what do you think about Planned Parenthood;” and “why are churches not more involved in ending abortion?”
  • Click here to listen to Director of Education Josh Brahm on Catholic Answers LIVE talking about Planned Parenthood and taking callers questions! (1 hour) This interview is from a few years ago when Josh was working for Georgia Right to Life.
  • Click here to listen to Josh Brahm interviewed on a secular radio station in Trinidad. Josh discusses common ground, good versus faulty pro-life arguments, comparing Trinidad’s situation with the United States as regards to abortion, and responding to the main arguments International Planned Parenthood is making for legalizing abortion in Trinidad. After the show, the young radio engineer said he had never heard the pro-life view defended in the way I talked about it. He hadn’t really cared about it before, but he did now. He said he just hadn’t heard anyone take my approach of using common ground. We later learned the radio station ended up airing the interview at least once a day for several weeks!
  • Click here to listen to Josh Brahm’s last interview on KRDU. Topics include:
    • Why I started the podcast
    • Faulty pro-life arguments
    • Does my show ever offend pro-lifers?
    • Does it bothers me when it does?
    • What does it mean practically to be an ambassador for Christ?
    • How did we make the transition to broadcast television?
    • How can religious TV broadcasting become more youth friendly?
    • How can we sum up the pro-life position in 10 seconds?
    • Should we use Bible verses during conversations with atheists about abortion and stem cell research?
    • How did turning the podcast into a TV series change the show?
  • Click here to listen to a recent interview with Josh Brahm on using social media and whether the pro-life battle is a winnable war.
  • RLCC’s Josh Brahm was interviewed by Life Training Institute about podcasting and how pro-lifers can reach youth as well as pro-choicers through thoughtful dialogue and new media. Listen by clicking here to subscribe to the LTI podcast and download episode 2.
  • RLCC’s Josh Brahm was interviewed by Focus on The Family for a brief segment they were doing on Planned Parenthood. Download the short segment here.
  • Download Josh Brahm and Pastor Walter Hoye’s interview on KRDU’s “Our Community” discussing the Fresno 40 Days for Life Campaign and Walter’s ministry to African-American pastors.