Conversations at the Justice for All Outreach

Ask Good Questions, Listen to Understand, Find Common Ground. We believe these Three Essential Skills are the groundwork for an ambassador to have a productive conversation on the topic of abortion. Armed with these skills, a humble spirit and the support of our Mentors, our volunteers arrived at Fresno City and Fresno State prepared to have […]

How RLCC Changed My Life

I was thinking over my time this year at Tulare-Kings Right to Life, and thinking of what a crazy ride it has been for me. January 1st, 2014 marked the start of my second year of working in the pro-life field and man, do things look different. I see the world in a lot different […]

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Pro-Life Dialogue with a Fresno City College Biology Professor

The highlights from my debate with a college professor who thought we were a bunch of religious extremists with a deceptive fetal development display. This last weekend I led a Right to Life of Central CA sponsored Justice For All seminar and outreach at Fresno City College. We had a great turnout at the outreach […]